Legacy verification result: PENDING INPUT

To use this tool, put the username that you wish to check into the search box above or append it to the URL like so: checkblue.org/u/username. This functions off of a public repository compiled by UW-Madison graduate student Thomas Hansen in November 2022, prior to any verified checkmark removals or wording changes done under the new administration.

Since this tool just compares against Hansen's compiled list from November 2022, it is important to note that this tool may return an incorrect "no" result in the event that an account was renamed since the data was pulled; however, the old username will still work to get the true result. This imperfection in the data available is regrettable but also unavoidable. While a fix has now been manually added for the accounts currently known to have this issue, it may be imperfect and false negatives will still occur if the username's change has not otherwise been reported.

This site has no affiliation whatsoever with Twitter, Elon Musk, nor Thomas Hansen.

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Why does this exist?

We made this tool to help out journalists and Twitter users who are worried about the changes to the verified user system. It lets you check if an account is legacy verified, as of November 2022. As stated above, we know the data might not be perfect, and we're thinking about adding a feature to let you report false negatives with proof. Unfortunately, we don't have that feature yet. It'd be cool to expand this tool to other social networks, but Twitter is the only one with a list of verified accounts that's publicly available.

While this site may change from time to time, it is provided as-is and is not intended to cause offense to anyone; its sole purpose is to merely act as a resource to fill a gap and assuage concerns some of the Twitter userbase have expressed during this period of transition and redefinition. While it's currently Twitter-focused, we want to make it clear that we have no affiliation whatsoever with Twitter, Elon Musk, or Thomas Hansen.